Agreement to Personal Information Collection and Use Policy

NetEase Games will collect and use personal information to provide game and event-related information. By continuing to use our services, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information.

You have the right to refuse to provide your personal information. However, if you do not agree, you will not be able to participate in the events.

Purpose of collection and use of personal information: pre-registration, event participation, payment discounts, and customer service consultation.

Personal information collected: phone number/ e-mail address

Retention and use of personal information: one (1) year from the date of collection.

Pre-registration Notes

Pre-registration rewards and duration may be subject to change as we make improvements to the game in preparation for worldwide launch.

The redemption date and method for pre-registration rewards shall be announced separately.

Each email address can only participate in the pre-registration event once.

If an incorrect email address is entered, you may not be able to participate in the pre-registration. Please make sure to enter the correct email address.

Depending on your e-mail service provider, the pre-registration email may be treated as spam. If you haven't received the email, please check your spam folder.

Pre-registration rewards can only be redeemed and used once per game account.

Thank you for registering.

We will provide you with the latest game information and news updates. Please stay tuned for the launch of the game!